Erik Sords a is an American producer/actor and entrepreneur. He has a degree in the arts from Cleveland State University with a minor in global economics and social engineering. Erik  began working in Hollywood as an actor on small features but developed a knack for production and international distribution. He moved to China in 2012 when he realized the  Chinese box office would inevitably surpass the American market. After learning Mandarin and working on many projects in China  Erik continued  to produce, traveling back and forth between Beijing and L.A. In 2015 Erik discovered Bitcoin while on a Euro trip, which sparked his passion for blockchain technology and its application towards media. While finishing his degree he also worked for Tesla Motors where he helped to develop their midwestern market and at SunPower corp where he sold rooftop solar systems for resident and commercial owners in Los Angeles. Recently Erik has been heavily involved with decentralized application creation, and actively participating in the cryptocurrency startup world. Erik loves working with the international community and sees decentralized apps as the next big thing for media globally.